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10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Power Washing Services


Everyone likes a nice new look for their property. If you want to get the most out of your house or business, regular power washing services may be the answer.

Having a clean building exterior is important. It can say a lot about how well you maintain your home or business. Many of us don’t take the necessary steps when it comes to keeping our buildings clean, but it is the first thing people notice from the outside.

A dirty, dusty, or moldy exterior can make any home or business look unwelcoming and drab.

It can ruin your property’s curb appeal and make it just plain depressing to visit. Nobody wants to look at or be around a grimy building, let alone enter one!

When your home or business looks good on the outside, it will feel even better to be inside of it! If you’re looking for a way to seriously upgrade your building’s exterior it may be time to power wash it and get it clean.

Sure, you could do it yourself. You could spend hours outside doing backbreaking manual labor just to get a mediocre result. Or, you could make the smart choice and get help.

Hiring professional power washing services is a great way to give your home or business an instant facelift.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a power washing service is that you can get a whole lot of work done in a short time. You can clean the surface and give it a new, fresh look.

What’s more, you can save yourself a lot of time, stress, and money by working with a professional cleaning service.

The right power washing service will transform your building and make it beautiful.

But there are even more benefits to using an expert power washing company than just making your property look amazing.

Possible risks of DIY power washing

It might be tempting to do the power washing yourself and try to save a little cash. But always remember, it is better to play it safe than sorry.

DIY power washing can be dangerous and can damage your home. The money you think you are saving by doing all the work on your own will likely be put right back into fixing damages.

You may even end up spending more recovering from your DIY job than if you had just hired a professional in the first place.

Do not use power when washing the home if you are not sure what you are doing. Call a professional for power washing if the job is beyond your skills and expertise.

Here are just some of the potential risks of power washing by yourself:

Physical injuries. If you’re not careful when using a power washer, you could seriously get hurt. The pressure and heat of the water can cause a range of injuries from minor to severe. If you underestimate how strong the blast is, you might end up regretting it.

Exposure to chemicals. Many power washer machines that people use at home require harsh soaps and chemicals to do the job. This means you are exposing your kids, your pets, and yourself to dangerous toxins that could get everyone sick.

Electric shock. It may seem alarming, but that’s only because it is. There is electricity all around the exterior of your building, from street lights to external outlets. Not handling the pressure washer with care could lead to a disaster.

Carbon monoxide poisoning. The fumes that some power washing equipment emits may not be safe to inhale for long periods, or at all. Improper use of a machine with a gasoline-powered engine could have unfortunate consequences.

Property damage. If you’re already in need of a power washing cleaning for your home or business, the last thing you want to do is break something in the process. Misusing the equipment could crack glass, chip away at siding, and more

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Benefits of Hiring a Power Washing Service

If you’re still not convinced that a power washing service is the way to go, keep reading until the end. We’re sure you’ll change your mind.

The risks of doing it yourself simply don’t outweigh the benefits of hiring a professional.

As a business owner or homeowner, power washing is one service that you just cannot do without. Your property is going to get exposed to all of the elements, whether you like it or not. It will rain, it will snow, and it will storm.

All of these conditions will weather your exterior and cover it in dust, dirt, and mud over time.

Failing to properly maintain your building will make it lose its curb appeal.

But doing your own power washing may not make the greatest impact either. Working with a professional power washing company is the best way to ensure positive results.

There are so many benefits to hiring a professional.

We encourage you to consider them all before making your final decision.

10 reasons why you need a professional power washing service:

It saves you time and money. A big concern for most people is how much the service would cost vs how much it would cost to do it themselves. But actually, working with a professional power washing service is one of the most cost-effective ways to clean your building.

Power washing is hard work, and if not done properly you could damage your property.

All the time you will spend doing rough, manual labor will take away from your other priorities. Plus, all the money you will spend on soap, equipment, and repairing damages will add up.

A professional power washer will get the job done faster, and at a better cost than a DIY project!

There is a lower risk of property damage. The blast from those power washing machines is a lot more powerful than it looks. Plus, there are all types of equipment with various settings and water temperatures for different jobs.

Some of the chemicals the machines use may not be safe for all surfaces either.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can strip your building’s beautiful paint job, break your windows, or even chip away at the concrete.

A professional, on the other hand, will know exactly what situations and surfaces call for which products, techniques, and machine settings.

They will handle the cleaning with extreme care, making sure not do damage the exterior of your home or business during the power washing service.

You will be a lot safer. Power washing is a lot more strenuous than it looks. You could get injured in the process of trying to clean up your building’s exterior. If you’re asking us, it is just simply not worth the risk.

Companies that provide power washing services use highly trained professionals.

They will know all the proper safety procedures to protect you, your family, and any visitors to your property while they are cleaning.

Using a power washing service also means someone else is doing the manual labor, so you won’t have to worry about recovering from all the aches and pains of operating heavy equipment for the next several days.

Improves the overall health of the building. Power washing does more than just rinse the dirt off of your building’s exterior. When done properly, the entire area will be cleaned and sanitized.

A professional power washing will remove mold, allergens, and other harmful agents from your building’s surface. This has the benefit of making the whole area healthier overall.

Someone with experience will know exactly what is needed to achieve this.

The best companies will provide a much more detailed and thorough service than a DIY job.

There are more natural and eco-friendly cleaning options. Not all power washing soaps are safe to use around people – and we know there are plenty of people in your home or office. It may not be wise to expose others or yourself to the chemicals found in many of these products.

More and more, commercial and residential cleaning companies are embracing natural methods. They may have access to more non-toxic power washing soaps with higher quality formulas than what you can find at the store.

Their methods and techniques may also be better suited for the environment.
This is not only a great benefit to you but to the whole planet. Eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques pose fewer health risks and often use less water – saving you money.

They also preserve and protect the area surrounding your home or business by implementing more sustainable methods for cleaning that don’t pose as much of a threat to the natural world.

That means you, and everyone around you will be a lot safer for years to come.

Improves your property’s overall appearance. You already know the importance of keeping the inside of your home or business clean and presentable. But the outside is just as important. It is the first thing people see before they even enter the building!

Making sure that this area is well-maintained is crucial for making a good impression.

When you invest in a professional power washing service, you don’t just benefit from getting a basic clean and refresh. The right expert will make it their top priority to transform your property and ensure that it looks the best that it possibly can.

A more attractive building is more likely to be appealing and welcoming to visitors and onlookers. That’s great news for anyone trying to maintain a squeaky clean reputation!

Power washing services may boost your property’s market value. Maintaining a clean and attractive exterior can make your building more valuable. The opposite is also true. Letting dirt and grime build up on your property will only make those numbers go down.

From a long-term perspective, power washing services pay for themselves.

That’s because, with the added benefit of increasing your property’s resale value over time, you will regain any money spent on this service in the form of greater assets and future profits.

There are even more benefits to power washing if you are selling your home. This applies to any property owners really – including those who rent or lease buildings to businesses for commercial use.

We’ve already established that power washing can increase your property’s resale value.

But, getting the service done before any potential viewings is great for maximizing its appeal to your buyers. Which would you rather buy? A building with a dirty, dingy exterior, or a sparkling clean one? We think the answer is pretty obvious. Don’t you?

It makes graffiti, stains, and more disappear! Vandalism, weathering, and accidents can all negatively impact the way your exterior looks. Many of these unwanted substances, like paint, chewing gum, and debris are difficult to remove.

Even if you have a power washing machine at home, without knowing the proper technique cleaning these things up may feel impossible.

Using a power washing service means you’ll have an expert on your side.

A professional will know exactly how to remove any unsightly stains from your property and make it look like nothing was ever there in the first place.

Speaking of paint removal, power washing is awesome for priming surfaces. Graffiti is not the only type of paint that power washing can strip from your building. While we would generally recommend exercising caution, for this reason, it does have its benefits.

For example, unless you plan on having the same, dingy paint job on your exterior for the rest of your life, you will probably need to repaint it at some point.

When that time comes you are going to want to remove any paint from the building before applying the new coat.

Power washing can help you prepare the surface by stripping off the old paint.

Furthermore, it removes any dust or dirt that would prevent you from being able to enjoy a nice, even paint job in the first place.

It is the perfect preparation for many renovation projects.

Signs that you need to power wash your property

For some people, it may be difficult to determine exactly when they need to have a power washing service visit. You may also not be sure how often you should clean your property.

As a general rule, we recommend using a power washing service once or twice a year.

But, if you are not quite sure if it’s time to clean up yet, there are some signs to look out for that may help you make that decision.

How to know when you need a power washing service.

  1. The side of your building is so dirty, it’s grey – and not because it’s concrete!
  2. Discoloration doesn’t stop at the siding. The roof is also starting to turn.
  3. Your gutters are so full of debris, they’re overflowing. 
  4. There are stains all over your sidewalk or patio
  5. Graffiti is covering up your beautiful facade

These are just a few of the reasons that you should consider hiring a power washing service immediately. Others include an overabundance of cobwebs in hard-to-reach places, or even dull and chipped paint.

A higher energy bill than usual can also be a sign that you need a power washing service. Why?

Because it could indicate that you are using too much electricity to heat or cool the building. Too much dirt buildup can interfere with how well insulated your property is.

This interference will cause you to run your central heating and cooling more than necessary.

If any of these issues are impacting your home, a power washing professional will be able to help you determine the best course of action.

How to find a reputable power washing service in your area.

Not all power washing services are the same. Naturally, some will be better than others. You will want to make sure you find a company that works best for you.

There are a few steps that you can take to achieve this goal.

First, ask around to see if your neighbors and friends know of a good power washing service.

If they recommend one, you can have a look at it and decide if it is a good one or not. But a power washing service that has a good reputation in its community should serve you well.

Reviews on Yelp, Google, and Social Media are another great way to get recommendations.

Look in your local directories, or do a quick search online to see which companies have the best reviews and provide the most customer satisfaction.

The most important step you will take, though, is getting a consultation.

Do not make your final decision until a representative has given you an assessment, and explained exactly what services they will provide and how they will benefit you.

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