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The Award Winning Transformation

After transforming this hoarders home, we won multiple awards for our approach

An award winning documentary was filmed about us, in the documentary ‘Thy Fathers Chair”. We helped transform a hoarder’s home, and the before and after was mind blowing not only to the viewers of the film, but to the client himself. Although we provide hoarding cleaning services in NYC, the documentary won awards in film festivals all across the globe. We attribute our success in hoarding help to our hardworking, professional, and compassionate staff of hoarding cleaning specialists.

What we worked on

Sorting through items
Clutter Cleaning
Heavy Duty Cleaning
Junk Removal and pest control
Professional Organization

We applied our 7 step hoarder cleanup solution to achieve maximum results in our deep cleaning techniques. Some of the steps include: pest control, clutter cleanup, heavy duty deep cleaning, junk removal, as well as construction and renovation services. We have been providing help for hoarders for nearly 3 decades and take pride in the work we do. Once a hoarding cleaning specialist is assigned to a case, we begin with assessing the work, a free quote, then customize a hoarder cleanup plan.

The amazing transformation

What’s the secret to our success?

With 3 decades of experience cleaning for hoarders, there is no mess we haven't seen. Our professional declutter services help declutter the mind.

Each hoarding cleaning specialist is put through rigorous training. What differentiates us from other companies that help hoarders is our compassionate and non-judgmental approach as well as our 7-step solution to help with hoarding.


Achieving what was once viewed as impossible

impossible This was one of our most complex projects. We transformed this home with our hoarder cleanup methods and achieved a life-changing outcome.


What we worked on:

Sorting through items
Recycle and Resell items
Professional organization

In this transformation, the entire house has been unlivable for many years. We provided the hoarder help needed to not only clean the home, but transform it to look like new. We sorted through all the items, provided professional organization, and helped them with donations. The hoarder cleanup cost was covered by the insurance and the client covered the costs of construction, renovation, and painting.




Where to start in this kitchen? It all begins in the kitchen

Decluttering and cleaning services usually begin in the kitchen. Our help for hoarding disorder is possible thanks to our innovative 7-step solution.




Kitchen Before & After Cleaning for Hoarding

Sorting through items
Heavy duty cleaning
Pest control and treatment
Disinfecting and stainless control

As part of our transformation, we sorted through all the food. We kept what was good, and threw away anything that expired. Our hoarder cleanup services in NYC go above and beyond cleaning, we provide all services needed to restore the home like new. 

Cleaning help for hoarders in NYC

The Secret to Our success?

Our 7 step solution provides cleaning help for hoarders with methods that we pioneered. We developed strategies like no other companies that help hoarders.

In this mind blowing transformation, we sorted through items, did professional organization, clutter cleanup and removal, as well as heavy duty cleaning. There is no mess that our cleaning service for hoarders has not seen.