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Hoarding Clean Up FAQ

Hoarding is a disorder, according to recent studies, that is not related to OCD, as previously thought.

In some cases, hoarders may experience anxiety when determining what to keep, and what to throw away. No two hoarders are alike, and at Home Clean Home we understand that.

We are very sensitive and knowledgeable in dealing with hoarding issues, and have experience working with a wide variety of New Yorkers. At HCH, we tailor our service to sooth each and every client’s needs.

Specialist consult and work one-on-one with clients, hearing them out, allowing us to customize our process, and and answer any questions clients may have.

These are some of your most frequently asked questions:

Do you come in a marked car?

Hoarding is a sensitive issue, so for these jobs we never come in a marked car. We always do our utmost to protect your privacy, and take every possible precaution.

Q. Do you tell any authorities?

No. We never notify any authority and never report you to anyone. Not only will never tell anyone you’ve had your home cleaned, no one will ever know unless you tell them.

Q. Would my neighbors know?

Not unless you tell them. We do work with the utmost discretion to clean up your apartment and ensure that no one knows what we are doing.

If there is an extensive amount of garbage, we wait until we have as many bags as possible before removing anything from the home, trying try to do all the waste removal at once.

We will fill up the elevator of your apartment building, or if need be the backyard of your house, and move it all at one time to our car to haul the junk.

In addition, we will also work whatever hours you think necessary for privacy, including early mornings, afternoons, nights and weekends.

If a neighbor asks what we are doing, we can say whatever you want (for example, we are doing spring cleaning, but that you are very neat):  however, most people never even know what’s happening to ask.

Q. Do you provide extermination?

Hoarders often have to deal with pests introduced to the home. After a heavy cleaning is the perfect time to exterminate, as decluttering and proper preparation pave the path for effective extermination.

In some cases, excessive garbage or food can attract pests like mice or roaches, while pet hoarders may suffer attendant fleas, ticks or smells, which we can also removed. 

In other cases, collected items from the street may introduce bed bugs to the apartment, in which case we offer bed bug cleaning and extermination. It not only helps mitigate the spread of pests and zoonotic disease, it can help to restore peace of mind.

All of our heavy duty cleaning products and extermination products are all-natural, safe for the homes and pets.

Q. Can you offer me handyman and construction services?

Absolutely. Restoration services are very much needed when your home has fallen into disrepair, or been heavily damaged by pets.

Home repair and maintenance can include anything from repairing cabinet doors, or structural damage such as holes, to painting and remodeling your home.

Q. Would you help me organize my house?

Yes. We will build units to help you organize, safely store, or display your valuables.

We can build closets and shelves to help organize collections such as books, DVD’s, clothing, and more.

If the number of items exceeds the storage space in your home, we will also build you an area in your storage facility to help you hang artwork or stow sculpture, etc. If you prefer to donate a collection or item, we will  drop off at the library or a place of your choosing.

Q. How does your company assure my valuables will be safe?

All of our workers are fully bonded. Let us know beforehand if you have valuables tucked around the house, what we will send only one or two workers, and they will work with you section by section, item by item, so that you never have unsupervised workers in another room.

This can help you find or sort your items without throwing valuable things away. If you’re a paper hoarder, they can also go through your papers with you page by page with you to see what you want shredded for paper waste removal, and what papers you want to saved for your records. 

We can bring a paper shredder for those who have old stored old bills and receipts, so that they can be disposed of safely.

Q. Will you help me continue to keep my home clean?

You don’t have to continue to try to keep your home clean. We can provide a maid service to you once a week, as well as necessary supplies for house cleaning.

From beginning to end, Home Clean Home will work with you and help guide you through the process, no matter how big the mess.

Q. What do you help with?

At HCH, we will  take the following steps to help New Yorkers with their clutter clean-up:

  1. Identify and remove garbage
  2. Heavy duty cleaning
  3. Extermination
  4. Odor neutralization
  5. Restoration and organization

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