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Hoarding Cleaning Services and Bed Bug Treatment

Hoarders911 is an industry leader in hoarding cleaning and treatment services in NYC offering bedbugs and extermination services.

We are one of the top rated hoarding clean up services in NYC and NJ that uses a comprehensive solution for hoarding clean up situations. Our comprehensive cleaning solution includes:

• Decluttering hoarding services

• Junk and rubbish removal

• Initial home organization

• Extermination services including bed bugs treatment, rat, and roaches

• Paint, repair

• Restoration and construction services

• Heavy duty cleaning

• House keeping services

We offer hoarding help cleanup, consultation, treatment, and explain the steps before we begin to clean any clutter. Our hoarding clean up services has treated and done cleaning for every type of hoarding situations, including: animal hoarding, compulsive shopping hoarding, and hoarders bedbugs cleaning.

Furthermore, we offer cleaning services for hoarder estate cleanup. Our cleaning services for hoarding estates include work with lawyers, trustees, and guardians.

Our extermination services is one of the few companies that offer bedbugs extermination services for hoarding treatment. We offer a full range of extermination services and have a step-by-step cleaning method that we follow for extermination preparation.

Our extermination treatment and cleaning services include:

• Bedbugs extermination

• Rats and mice extermination

• Dust mites extermination

• Flies extermination

• Termites extermination

• Ants extermination

• Bedbugs exterminator

• Bedbugs control and treatment

• Bedbugs k9 services

• Bedbugs removal

• Bedbugs laundry treatment and dry cleaning services

We understand that hoarding is a mental condition and do not judge hoarders based on their home. Our hoarding extermination treatment for bedbugs is done using natural products that are safe to use and effective.

We consider each case to be with the highest sensitivity and consult with hoarders before we begin any cleaning. Our hoarders cleaning treatment is unique because of the method we developed to help hoarding situations.

Hoarders911 is located in Brooklyn, NY and services the New York metropolitan area including: Queens, the Bronx, Long Island, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and parts of New Jersey.

If you are seeking non-judgmental hoarding clean up companies, look no further, Hoarders911 has been in the service business for over 22 years and there is no mess we haven’t seen.

For more information about hoarding cleaning services, bedbugs treatment and extermination services, or for general inquiries feel free to give us a call at 718-627-5781 or visit the Hoarders 911 website at www.hoarders911.com

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