How to Clean Your House Like a Pro


Achieving the feel of a professional home cleaning is possible. Here’s how to get it all done without breaking a sweat!

We all want to achieve that refreshing, tranquil feeling of a clean home. The cleanliness of our households can affect everything from our moods to our health. When everything is free of dirt, dust, and clutter, enjoying our time at home is much easier.

But getting everything spotless can be tricky, especially when we live such busy lives.

Some days, even just the thought of cleaning can be too exhausting. That’s how messes start to build up and take over the home.

As much as you want to live in a perfect home, keeping it that way may feel impossible. Doing a deep clean may feel even more overwhelming. But don’t worry!

With the proper cleaning routine, you can get professional results at home.

Cleaning Supply and Tools You Will Need

If you’re going to get your house as clean as the professionals do, you should start stocking up on the same supplies.

Here are some house cleaning essentials to add to your shopping list:

  • Scrub brushes, toothbrushes, and sponges
  • Dish soap, steel wool, and oven cleaner
  • A broom, dust pan, duster, and vacuum
  • Paper towels, microfiber cloths, or rags
  • All-purpose cleaner and tile spray
  • White vinegar and baking soda
  • Wood polish and glass cleaner
  • Disinfectant spray or wipes
  • A mop and a bucket
  • Laundry detergent
  • Rubber gloves
  • Garbage bags
  • Toilet brush

If you have pets, pick up a pet stain and odor remover. Some scented candles or air fresheners can help create a nice ambiance after your house is clean.

Think about anything extra that you might want to keep on hand. But these things should help get you started.

Cleaning Preparations

We know it’s tempting to dive right in and get it done. But if you want professional results from your house cleaning efforts, there are a few things you need to do first.

Don’t just start rummaging through your stuff and scrubbing your surfaces.

Trying to clean this way will be frustrating, and it won’t look as neat or tidy in the end. Putting in the extra effort to prepare will save you time and stress in the long run.

Things to do to prepare for cleaning your house:

  • Set goals and make a plan to stay on top of your progress
  • Listen to your favorite album or playlist to stay motivated
  • Put your pets away so they don’t track more dirt
  • Clean the dishes or load your dishwasher
  • Take out the trash and replace the bags
  • Gather and wash your laundry
  • Get your supplies together
  • Open your windows
  • Start!

10 Steps to Cleaning Your House Like a Pro

Once you’ve made a plan, got your supplies, and put on your favorite tunes, it is finally time to begin cleaning your house.

To make your house look like it was cleaned by professionals, follow these steps:

Preliminary decluttering.

It will be hard to wipe down your counters or put things away if you’ve got clutter piled up everywhere. Take a few minutes and clear some space to clean. Gather any cups, recycling, or knick-knacks that can be easily put away or put in the trash.

Organize your things.

Once you’ve handled the regular clutter, it’s time to find homes for the rest of your belongings. Put books back on the bookshelf, spices back on the spice rack, and start a donation or trash bin for things you no longer need.

Clean your ceilings and walls.

Not everyone will need to do this step every time they clean their house. However, if you need to freshen up your walls and ceilings, do it before you begin anything else. It won’t make much sense to clean your home from top to bottom, just to cover it with dirt again!

Vacuum, then dust. 

Vacuuming is a great way to quickly eliminate large amounts of dirt, allergens, and other particles from your home. But it also kicks up a lot of dust. Save time by vacuuming before you wipe your surfaces with your trusty duster.

Clean the windows and mirrors.

Spraying down and wiping your glass is a quick and easy way to achieve an instant refresh. Work from room to room using your favorite glass cleaner on your windows and mirrors. It will remove streaks and brighten up your home.

Sanitize your surfaces.

Use disinfecting spray or anti-bacterial wipes to disinfect your countertops, garbage cans, and other surfaces. Eliminating germs from these areas will make the environment healthier and more pleasant as you move through your house cleaning.

Polish your wood.

Treating your tables, desks, and shelves with wood polish helps to eliminate the visibility of scratches and protect the surface from dirt. That impressive shine after a good polishing is definitely worth the extra effort.

Do your bathroom.

Apply tile cleaner to your shower or tub. Clean off any soap scum or residue and rinse it clean. Fill your toilet with disinfectant, sanitize its surface and scrub the bowl clean with a brush. Spray and wipe down your sink, and change the garbage.

Change your linens.

Take the sheets and pillowcases off of your bed. Replace them with clean ones. Swap out dirty towels in your bathroom for fresh ones, and put clean dish towels in your kitchen. Grab all of your soiled linens and do a load of laundry.

Sweep, then mop.

All that cleaning and scrubbing may have left some debris on your floors. Finish off your deep house cleaning by sweeping up any last bits of dirt. Mopping your floors after sweeping will create a sleek, polished surface.

How to Maintain a Newly Cleaned House

Cleaning your entire home can be a great sense of accomplishment. So congratulations! 

But let’s be honest. It’s also exhausting.

The best way to reduce the number of times you need to spend the day doing a deep cleaning is to clean your house regularly.

Make your cleaning routine a habit with these simple tips:

  • Use doormats to wipe your feet before entering the home
  • Create a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule
  • Make your bed as soon as you wake up
  • Do a small load of laundry every day
  • Take out the trash when it gets full
  • Throw things away immediately
  • Empty your dishwasher daily
  • Wipe down surfaces often
  • Clean up after cooking
  • Sweep and dust daily

By doing just a few small things every day, you can keep your home fresh for longer and make it easier to get even better results the next time you deep clean.

When to Call a Cleaning Service Provider

People spend a good chunk of their time cleaning their own houses. But with trying to balance work, family, and other obligations, keeping things in order can become challenging.

Hiring a professional house cleaner will save you time and stress.

Whether there is no way you can keep up with the housework on your own or you just want a little break from all the chores, using a cleaning service can help. 

You might want to call a cleaning service provider if:

  1. You entertain people at your home and need help cleaning up
  2. You don’t know where to begin or just don’t like cleaning
  3. You are busy taking care of your kids and family
  4. You’ve just had a baby and need an extra hand
  5. You work a full-time job and want a break


The bottom line is that you don’t need a big reason for getting help from a cleaning service. If you want a cleaner home and don’t want to take it all on yourself, we are here for you.

The house cleaning professionals at Home Clean Home are always standing by, ready to help you with all of your housekeeping needs.

Give us a call today and schedule your next cleaning with us!