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Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist: A Deep Cleaning Guide

Building renovations can transform your space. Here’s how you can put the finishing touches on your property’s new makeover!

If you’ve just renovated your commercial property, you no doubt want to take some time to appreciate it! A new and improved space for your business is a great accomplishment. Whether it’s an office, restaurant, or retail space, giving your commercial property a fresh look feels great.

You’re probably excited to show it off to your customers and clients. But before you do, take the time to give it a good deep cleaning! The construction crew you worked with most likely did a great job on the renovation but left some debris behind.

Your property won’t be very welcoming to guests, or your employees, in that condition!

Post-construction cleaning is a vital part of getting things back in order. A clean and inviting space can make all the difference for your business – but where do you start?

A post-construction cleaning checklist can help ensure your new space is sparkling clean and ready for business. This guide will walk you through the basics of post-construction cleaning, from tackling big messes to dealing with hazardous materials.

By following our tips, you’ll be able to get your business up and running again in no time.

So get out the mop and the vacuum cleaner, and let’s get to work!

Should Contractors Clean Up After Themselves?

Renovating a building is a huge project. If you’ve ever had construction to remodel your home, you know how difficult it can be to get everything done.

But whose job is it to clean up once the renovations are complete? The same rules apply to commercial buildings as for residential post-construction cleaning. It’s all circumstantial, and it varies depending on the service provider. Generally, though, clean-up is separate.

Most contractors will at least remove some of the general mess they create during the renovation. They should not be leaving your place in shambles. That would defeat the purpose of remodeling it in the first place!

So you typically won’t have to worry about hauling equipment or throwing out unused paint cans. However, many contractors do not include deep cleaning as a part of the service.

They expect you to cover that since cleaning and construction are separate niches.

In some cases, you may be able to negotiate a clause to have the construction crew handle any dust or debris leftover from the remodeling.

Your contract for the project should include more information on whether or not the crew performing the renovations is open to cleaning up after themselves or not. Generally, you should not expect your renovation contractor to sweep up after themselves.

What Are the Three Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning?

There are three main phases of post-construction cleaning. They work together to ensure your property is in its best condition after renovations.

Consider these three phases when you create your post-construction cleaning checklist:

1. The Pre-Clean Phase. Remove all loose debris and dust from your building’s construction site. Remember to include everything from nails and screws to bits of drywall and plaster. Sweep, vacuum, and clear away the clutter!

2. The Main Cleaning Phase. Once you clear the debris from your building, you can focus on deep cleaning. You should scrub your property from top to bottom. Remove dirt and grease from your walls, ceilings, and floors. Remember to wipe down light fixtures and other appliances.

3. The Final Cleaning Phase. In the last stage, you should focus on the finer details. Polish your surfaces until they shine. Put the finishing touches on your newly renovated property by applying any trimmings or arranging your furniture just right.

At the end of your post-construction cleaning, perform a final inspection. Doing this will help you ensure a job well done.

If you notice any spots that you may have missed, touch them up.

Give your revamped property the attention it deserves.

How Do You Clean After Construction Dust?

The dust and allergens left behind after you renovate can make your commercial property unsightly and unwelcoming. Your visitors may be upset by the mess. But it can also be a concern for respiratory health.

You may face several challenges when removing the after-construction dust from your property.

Consider calling a commercial post-construction cleaning expert to get your building back in tip-top shape. But if you’re looking to do it yourself, here are some things you should do.

The best way to clean after construction dust is with a vacuum cleaner. Start by sweeping away as much dust as you can. Then get ready to break out your handy industrial vacuum.

Make sure you have a good one designed for cleaning up the dust.

Using a vacuum that has a specialized HEPA filter is your best bet.

HEPA vacuums prevent the spread of dust particles by trapping microscopic particles inside their specially designed filters. The filters have little airspace between them.

So, once the high-powered vacuum forces them through the fibers of the filter, it is nearly impossible for them to escape back into the air.

You should be able to take care of most of the after-construction dust during the pre-cleaning phase. Doing so will make it easier to execute a sufficient deep clean. Your trusty HEPA filter will help you ensure you get the best possible results.

First, suck up all the big pieces of debris, and then go over the surface with the brush attachment to get up all the fine dust. If there’s any residue left behind, use a cleaning solution or degreaser to help remove it.

Finally, rinse off the area with water and allow it to dry completely before putting anything back in place. Give everything another look once it’s dry to confirm there is no dust remaining.

Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

Deep cleaning after a building renovation is no easy task. You will need to cover a lot of ground to ensure your property is in pristine condition. But with planning, you can stay on track and confirm everything happens to the highest possible standard.

Include these things on your post-construction cleaning checklist:

Pre-Cleaning Phase:

  • Clear debris, and remove trash
    Dust surfaces, counters, and tables
    Sweep, and vacuum with a HEPA filter
  • Clear the dust from your grates and vents
  • Clean your windows, windowsills, and tracks
  • Disinfect touch points like doorknobs and light switches


Main Cleaning Phase:

  • Clean inside cabinets
  • Dust and clean your ceiling
  • Remove paint spots and spills
  • Buff away scuff marks on your floor
  • Scrub your walls from top to bottom
  • Sweep and power wash your exterior
  • Wipe down light fixtures and appliances


Final Cleaning Phase:

  • Assess your cleanup progress
  • Make note of the areas you missed
  • Use a detailing brush to clean small spots
  • Mop and polish your interior flooring at the end
  • Do any final touch-ups and celebrate a job well done

When To Call the Professionals

Post-construction cleanups are big jobs. Even if you have a good plan, it may take you days or weeks to fully recover your property after the construction crew leaves.

Hiring a professional cleaning service with experience cleaning up after renovations can help get you back on track much faster than doing it all on your own.

Home Clean Home has been providing all sorts of commercial and residential cleaning services to the NYC area for nearly 30 years. We even assisted LaGuardia Airport in cleaning up the property after it went under major construction.

If you need help getting things in order after renovating your property, let us know!

Call us: 718 691 5686

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