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Grab Bar & Home Safety


Offering grab bar instillation services throughout the New York Metropolitan Area

Home Modification

  • Grab Bar Installation
  • Stair Chair Lift
  • Wheelchair Ramp
  • Safety Rails
  • Construction Services

Grab Bar Instillation

  • Shower Grab Bar
  • Bed Safety Rail
  • Toilet Grab Bar
  • Bathroom Safety Rails
  • Durable Medical Equipment

Cleaning and Chore Services

  • Heavy Duty Cleaning
  • Pest Control Treatments
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  • Hoarders Services
  • Junk Removal

Grab Bar Instillation

Our grab bar instillation specialists can professionally install ADA certified grab bars and safety rails for your toilet, bed, shower, or wherever they may be needed. Installation of grab bars for the toilet or the shower makes access to the bathroom much safer.  Having home medical equipment installation done in the bedroom can make getting in and out of the bed easier by providing more support to the person while standing and the same goes for anywhere that requires such movement.

Home Modification

Home Clean Home creates customized solutions for home modifications.  Stair chair lift and wheelchair lift installations makes the home more easily accessible. While grab bars and similar equipment can make moving within a room safer and easier, home modifications such as chair lifts can improve mobility throughout the entire home. The lifts can be customized to suit any need by fitting to many different kinds of stairs, such as outdoor, indoor, and even curved staircases.

Cleaning & Chore Services

Home Clean Home was built as a cleaning company.  Our residential cleaning is still our signature service.  HCH can help with anything around the house that has become too difficult for your MLTC patients to do. We can do anything from install air conditioners to pick up dry cleaning. We pride ourselves on our customized plans for each person so we will work with you to custom fit a plan that works best with your needs.




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